Design Your Life!

Life… It’s a wonderful gift which we have received by the Almighty. The answer to these questions is not so easy that what is the true meaning of life? What is the purpose of my life? Why am I here? What will I be doing with my Life to make it happy…? All these questions seem to be simple but actually they are not…

I believe that if we are here then we definitely have a purpose to accomplish. That’s the reason why we are still alive 😉

Well, life isn’t that easy as it seem to be… You first have to dare to ask yourself these questions. You then have to dare to imagine that it can come true. And then, comes, the difficult task of changing your life so that it is what you want to be…

Designing our life in such a manner so that we are easily can move through the thick & thin of our life. Every person living on this earth has some or the other problem, but that does not at all means that we do bad with our life… We should be able to live our life in a great manner and ready to confront all the problems that occur in front of us. So we need to alter our life and make the things happen properly and very easily.

  • We need to focus what’s Important?
  • What is my Passion?
  • What is the work that interests me?
  • How will I be starting it up?
  • What possibilities are there for the work which I am going to take up?
  • Figuring out how to get there.
  • Start with small changes in your life.
  • We need to keep the end in our mind.

We need to focus on these things in order to design our life and make it a good place to live. We plan the things for our life and then we forget them, a real planner is that who plans the things and implement those. A planning without implementation is like a glass of empty water. Where you are thirsty but you yourself do not want to pour the water in the glass… So it will not help, if plan things then you should work on them, in order to accomplish the dream.

A life preplanned is a life without excitement & eagerness to live. If we know that what is going to be our next step then, it would be like; a game without no rules… Everything will be known to us well in advance and everything will be pre-decided. What is the joy or excitement of living? You know which university to attend, which internship would lead to a successful career, and at what age you will retire. Unfortunately, this never works out as planned. And anyway, if you know the winner before the start, where’s the fun in playing the game?

We can learn how to take joy in the small & big things we create. We can work within the constraints of our own natures—and still be agile, build capabilities, iterate. We can conduct experiments, make discoveries, and change our perspectives too & make our life beautiful place to live… and above all enjoy our life…

The fun is definitely in exploring the unexplored and expecting the unexpected…

Best Regards,